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Make Deserts Green Again

Introducing SolidWater

Too busy (or distracted) to water your plants properly? Or do you just want to make them grow faster?

We've got you.

Baba's Relentless Faith

When your dad is an inventor with big dreams.


Making Deserts Green Again

Did you know land degradation is one of the biggest, least-talked about global issues? Help nature overcome desert-forming. These plants have the toughness. Let's get them water.


Trial Offer

We now have a limited stock of sample packages. This lets you try SolidWater, risk-free.

One trial pack soaks up 0.5L of water. This is enough SolidWater to protect one medium-sized houseplant. 

Add water, let the granules soak for an hour, and they are ready to use.

Happy planting!

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Do I still need to water my plants?

Yes. But less often because your plants now have a stash of water for themselves. With SolidWater, plants can last two, sometimes three times longer without water.

What results can I expect?

Used as a soil enhancer, SolidWater provides +10-15% faster natural growth rate, up to +70% water efficiency and up to +300% longer drought resistance.

How much do I need?

Per 10 grams, SolidWater absorbs 1L of water. For the best ratio, mix 1L with about 6L of soil. .

Where do I put it?

For best results, place SolidWater along the growth-paths of the plants' root. Usually this is under the plant, at the bottom of the pot.

Is SolidWater biodegradeable?

SolidWater is a man-made, potassium poly-acrylate. At approximately 10% a year in microbe-rich soil, SolidWater breaks down into water, carbon dioxide, and potassium. 

Can I eat it?

We deem SolidWater UNFIT for food/consumption. Just like your regular potting mix, you can grow food in it, but we don't recommend eating it.

We tasted it so you don’t have to. Don’t try this at home, we are professionals. In dry form, it’s like eating hard dry cardboard. In wet form, it is boring and bland. But most importantly, it is not produced or certified for eating. SolidWater is made for deserts, not desserts.

Will SolidWater work on any plant?

Yes. But do not exceed the recommended dosage, especially with plants that need very little water, such as cacti. This can cause root-rot. In the future, we will release more content on how to use SolidWater on a plant-by-plant basis.

Do you ship anywhere?

We ship worldwide (for free). However, shipping times may vary on your location. From experience, you can expect:

EU: 2-5 workdays.
USA: 2-3 weeks. (Express option coming soon)
Africa: 3-4 weeks.
Australia & Oceania: 2-3 weeks.

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