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Introducing SolidWater

Love plants?  Too busy or distracted to care for them? SolidWater granules absorb 115 times their own mass in water, which they slowly release to your plants' roots. This lets them survive up to three times longer without water. Yes, you still need to water your plants occasionally. But at least they won't easily die on you when you leave on vacation, get hooked on a new series, or play too many video games. Your plants can grow up to 10-15% faster, too.

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The Drop

SolidWater is relatively expensive. But don't worry, we won't throw away your money... although we will drop it from a plane. With our profits we can load agricultural aircrafts full with SolidWater, plant seeds, fungi spores and soil bacteria. The goal is to create an "instant eco-recovery system", that we can simply drop over lands vulnerable to severe land erosion. Think of very dry areas such as most of Australia, but also lands that have been caught in forest fires. By the way, if you think you can hook us up with a drop site, let us know.

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The Material

SolidWater is a superabsorbent polymer. Its base molecules are nitrogen, potassium, hydrogen and carbon. Through constant rotation, these molecules are bound together with acrylic acid, which under specific temperature and pressure, induces the reaction that combines these molecules into a new material. This results in an end product that is capable of both absorbing large amounts of water, as well as releasing it to plants through the process of osmosis. Finally, over a period of ten years, the material slowly breaks down back into its original molecules: nitrogen, potassium, hydrogen, and carbon. In other words: plant nutrients.

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Baba's Legacy

We dedicate our work to Ibrahim Al-Alim (1947-2017), who dreamed of turning deserts into forests. From Egyptian refugee to inventor, Ibrahim first became a cartographer in Delft, the Netherlands during the late 80's. He also met our co-founder's mother here. When he found work as a cartographer in Saudi Arabia, he decided to go back. But with the Gulf war in 1990, he found his country burning. With no way to put out the gigantic oil fires, Ibrahim then set out to Swiss University EPFL, to lay the foundations for what later became SolidWater.

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SolidWater Trial Pack SolidWater - SolidWater

SolidWater Trial Pack

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Standard SolidWater Packs

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Cap: Make Deserts Green Again  - SolidWater

Cap: Make Deserts Green Again

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Do I still need to water my plants?

Yes. But less often because your plants now have a stash of water for themselves. With SolidWater, plants can last up to three times longer without water.

What results can I expect?

Used as a soil enhancer, SolidWater provides +10-15% faster natural growth rate, up to +70% water efficiency and up to +300% longer drought resistance.

How much do I need?

Per 10 grams, SolidWater absorbs 1L of water. For the best ratio, mix 1L with about 6L of soil. .

Where do I put it?

For best results, place SolidWater along the growth-paths of the plants' root. Usually this is under the plant, at the bottom of the pot.

Is SolidWater biodegradeable?

SolidWater is a man-made, potassium poly-acrylate. At approximately 10% a year in microbe-rich soil, SolidWater breaks down into water, carbon dioxide, and potassium. 

Can I eat it?

Short answer: We don't recommend it.

Longer answer, there is a distinction to be made between unhydrated (dry) and hydrated (soaked) Solidwater.

Dry SolidWater absorbs a lot of liquid. If you accidentally do ingest it, drink plenty of fluids to prevent possible dehydration.

As for wet SolidWater, we tasted it so you don’t have to. It is completely tasteless. However, although it has no nutritional value, it does pass through your system harmlessly. 

Will SolidWater work on any plant?

Yes. But do not exceed the recommended dosage, especially with plants that need very little water, such as cacti. This can cause root-rot. In the future, we will release more content on how to use SolidWater on a plant-by-plant basis.

Do you ship anywhere?

We ship worldwide (for free). However, shipping times may vary on your location. From experience, you can expect:

EU: 2-5 workdays.
USA: 2-3 weeks. (Express option coming soon)
Africa: 3-4 weeks.
Australia & Oceania: 2-3 weeks.