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Saves Water, Saves Plants

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Introducing SolidWater

Love plants, but forget to water them? SolidWater helps them survive both drought and neglect🌱

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Keeps plants hydrated

SolidWater granules absorb and store large amounts of water, only to release it directly into the plants' roots. This increases growth rates, water efficiency and drought resistance💦

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Restores eroded soil

Soil is one of Earth's most underappreciated treasures. By supporting the plants at the foundational level of nature, we help make degraded soil healthy and fertile again 🌍

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Standard SolidWater Packs SolidWater - SolidWater

SolidWater Packs

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SolidWater Trial Pack

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Cap: Make Deserts Green Again  - SolidWater

Cap: Make Deserts Green Again

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Do I still need to water my plants?

Yes. But less often because your plants now have a stash of water for themselves. With SolidWater, plants can last up to three times longer without water.

Will it work on any plant?

Yes and no. Some plants are very sensitive to over-watering, such as cacti. Keeping the roots of these plants wet constantly can cause the roots to start rotting.

How much do I need?

Per 10 grams, SolidWater absorbs 1L of water. For the best ratio, mix 1L with about 6L of soil. .

Can it eat it?

SolidWater is not classified as food, nor does it confer any nutritional value or benefits to humans. When ingested, SolidWater passes through the intestinal tract and does not see significant breakdown by stomach acid. To date no ill effects from either choking or poisoning, have been observed from human consumption to date. Nevertheless, the scope of our research in this area is limited, as little formal experiments have been conducted. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

Our legacy

During the first Gulf War, Ibrahim Al-Alim (1947-2017) found Saudi Arabia burning with oil fires. In response, he enrolled into the Polytechnical University EPFL in Switzerland to develop his Super Safe Fire-Fighting Foam. It soon turned out that the water absorbing qualities of his material had great potential for plants, too.

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Our roots

With Ibrahim's health declining, we founded LegacyRoot with the goal of realising his dream in his stead.  We decided to begin by selling SolidWater to our fellow millennials. It regularly saved our own plants, after all.

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