YES!Delft presents 17 new startups in incubator and LaunchLab – SolidWater

YES!Delft presents 17 new startups in incubator and LaunchLab

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YES!Delft today welcomed 7 new companies in their incubator programme and let founders with 10 ideas enter the pressure cooker programme Launch Lab.

Check out the 7 new startups in the incubation programme (batch #3 2016).


Founders: Boy Trip, Rick Lenssen
E-trailer introduces new technologies to traditional vehicles: the trailer and caravan industry. One of the first products is the E-Brake, an electricity-driven brake that shortens the braking distance, decreases the swaying motion and prevents over-heating of the braking system.


Founders: Ahmed El Faramawy, Amer Al-Alim, Hendrik Buma, Marianna Tomková
Infinipipe introduces an on-site, continuous method of pipeline production that cuts down installation time and the expenses of logistics and labour, and uses fibre reinforcement technology for high pressure, customizable and large diameter pipelines.


Founders: Julian Jagtenberg, Stijn Antonisse, Job Engel, Wouter Kooyman van Guldener
Over 43 percent of the Western-European population is suffering from sleep deprivation. Somnox offers the first non-medicinal solution to this problem in the form of a soft robot. Somnox will simulate a breathing rhythm when the user hugs Somnox. Feeling a breathing rhythm, you will fall asleep more easily, experience more deep sleep, and wake up more energized.


Founder: Joppe van Dijk
Toothbrush brushes all teeth in just 10 seconds. A uniquely designed electronic handle, with a separate disposable mouthpiece that makes tooth brushing fast and easy for everyone.


Founder: Job van de Kieft
Scoozy is an easy to use and good-looking airport-based mobility scooter that will help immobile travellers at airports to reach their destinations in a quicker, safe and convenient way.


Founders: Ruud Knoops, Dirk Dokter, Joost Bouman, Sander Hulsman
The ATMOS UAV drone allows service providers, land surveyors and engineering companies to map areas up to 50 percent faster with less equipment damage. The drone is deployed by a push of a button and automatically takes off and lands at the same spot. Flight plans may be altered in-flight.

Delft Hyperloop

Founders: Mars Geuze, Marinus van der Meijs, Sascha Lamme, Tim Houter
Delft Hyperloop is one of the top contenders in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Pod Competition. The team builds a travel capsule with a pressurized inner cabin for high-speed transportation in airtight tubes. In 30 minutes from Amsterdam to Paris, using a fraction of the energy consumed by current systems. The team prior took part in the LaunchLab programme.

YES!Delft LaunchLab

Check out the 10 new startups in the LaunchLab pressure cooker (batch #3 2016).

Keep It Cool

Keep It Cool is a portable lightweight container that keeps your medication safe and cool for up to 10
days without depending on electricity.


The Rocio shower system spares water by creating smaller droplets than conventional shower heads. It also saves energy thanks to an optimized heater.


The BlueMed wound management platform allows care givers to share information in a clear and secure way. Informing all parties involved, it shortens treatments and saves costs.


Circularise offers complete product lifecycle tracking, based on a blockchain technology, enabling the transfer of information between producers, users and recyclers.


SolORC provides a power system based on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). Using solar energy only, the system delivers on-demand electricity, heating and cooling and desalted water.

Enevate Kite Power

Enevate Kite Power uses kites to harness steady winds at high altitudes. A renewable, cost-effective and more sustainable energy solution that is an alternative to wind turbines.


Cresent introduces a new type of user interface, with a personal assistant guiding the user through the system.

Legacy Root

Legacy Root makes keeping plants easy with SolidWater, a superabsorbent polymer that helps plants grow up to 70 percent faster with only half the amount of water.


qlayers develops a new type of coating and spraying technology for the shipping industry. The coating has self-cleaning capacities and reduces drag.

Hydra Storage

Hydra Storage enables the production and storage of hydrogen in portable containers. This storage method allows unused hydrogen to be transported to anywhere in the world.

Image: LaunchLab #3 2016 by YES!Delft