Why LegacyRoot started. – SolidWater

Why LegacyRoot started.

My father grew up in a desert. It is his life's work to make the deserts green, and I know he would have liked to have seen me more as I grew up because of it. I wanted to be an inventor, just like him.

I know now that it takes more than invention to make an impact. We need to build on each other's knowledge, and then stand together to spread the word and implement it.

LegacyRoot started by adopting my father's knowledge. With it, we want to ensure humanity will forever have a home, by enabling people to grow and create life - wherever it’s needed. This is our never-ending vision, and SolidWater is the first tool we own to establish it.

Together we can overcome the biggest challenges if we understand why they are important. This is why LegacyRoot exists, why we care, and why we have our 1-for-1 program. There is always hope.