Your Plants, now Desert-Proof – SolidWater

Your Plants, now Desert-Proof

SolidWater gives plants a refilling pocket of water, that easily transfers water to the roots. The granules were designed to let plants survive deserts. But its benefits can help plant-lovers anywhere.

Protects Plants  

Even the best of us forget to water our plants sometimes. With SolidWater, they can survive up to three times longer without water.

Increases Growth

  SolidWater keeps pockets of water always nearby. The roots then directly extract the water. This optimized waterflow lets them grow10-15% faster, naturally.

Reduces Hassle

The granules transfer water over time, at the ideal doses. This means your plants will always be in their best shape!

SolidWater Packs

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Product Information

10% per year.

Breaks down into: Potassium, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Water.

5 - 10 years
Water absorption rate
115× own mass
Material composition
Potassium poly-acrylate
Plant growth rate increase
+ ~15%
Plant drought resistance
+ ~300%
Plant water efficiency
+ ~70%
Recommended mix ratio
1L SolidWater per 6L of soil
Recommended use
Under soil surface, along the growth-path of the plants' roots