Greetings, Plant-lover.

About LegacyRoot

Our Mission:

Ensuring humanity will forever have a home, by enabling people to grow and create life anywhere. 

The father of our co-founder Adnan invented SolidWater. His vision was to one day save the people and environment of his birthcountry, Saudi-Arabia, by transforming the deserts into green, liveable lands.

But where he is a brilliant inventor, he could be a better businessman. And so, Legacy Root was founded to help him fulfill his vision. As wonderful as SolidWater is now, we can still improve on it, to make it hold more water and grow plants even better. We also need to scale up- so that we can work towards making SolidWater cheap enough that everyone can afford it. 

We realised that before we can change the world, first we need to start small, and grow from there. And so, we create green deserts by starting with green cities.

The Team:

Adnan Al-Alim, Co-Founder (Right)
Specialty: Making our operations run like a Swiss watch.

Sebastiaan Lumanauw, Co-Founder (Middle)
Specialty: Capturing and spreading business opportunity.

Omar Breeveld, Creative Strategist (Left)
Specialty: Ensuring there is a structure to keep us going the right way.

Aleksandrs Safronovs, Finance and Accounting (Picture coming)
Specialty: Running the numbers so we know where we stand.

Anakim Foe, Contracts and Key Account Manager (Picture coming)
Specialty: Maintaining relationships with our key customers.

Company Details

LegacyRoot LLP is registered in London, UK and operates from the Netherlands.
KvK/COC: 66211921
BTW: 856444650B01

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