Buying SolidWater brings back life to the deserts.

The Race to Stop Desertification

Support our Pioneers.

Desert-forming is a silent, anonymous killer. It has no face, making it all too easy to close your eyes and pretend it’s not there.

A mass grave for children in Dadaab during the 2011 East Africa drought.

But closing your eyes does not make the monsters go away.

Mass grave for children in Dadaab, during the 2011 East Africa drought.

By forming LegacyRoot, we chose to face the threat of desertification. It has brought us together. Given us purpose.

You can choose to stand with us.

So what is our plan?

When an area turns to desert, life in the region is reduced to the primary stage of ecological succession:

Bare Rock.

Microbes, fungi and lichen survive. They (very) slowly make the soil fertile. When conditions are ripe, pioneering plants follow - most often grasses.

Compete with yourself, not with others.

The hardy pioneering species love hostile, barren environments. It means more sunlight, and less competition for them.

One does not simply make good soil.

One day, newcomers will benefit from the pioneer plants' work. They may even overshadow them one day. But such is nature, the only constant is change.

And it is worth fighting for.

The daily struggle of pioneer species protects us from desertification. They are crucial to even make a dent in the desert.

SolidWater can enhance the drought-resistance of already tough pioneering species. This lets them colonize deserts far quicker than normal.

Time to start succeeding.

The more SolidWater can go around , the more brave pioneers we can support. They have the guts. Let's get them some water.