DesertProofPlants – SolidWater

What does it take for a plant to be desert-proof?

In deserts, more water is lost through evaporation, than is gained through rainfall.

Only life adapted to both scathing heat and scarce rainfall can survive. For example, a cactus' prickly spines are actually modified leaves. They protect it from hungry animals, but also deflect the dry, hot winds.

The cactus stores its water inside. This keeps the precious liquid accessible, yet safe from evaporation.

SolidWater gives cactus-like water-saving properties to any plant. The granules create tiny pockets of water in the soil, ready to access.

Plants grown with SolidWater grow faster, and can survive with half the water they would normally need. They also last two, sometimes three times longer without watering.

But although SolidWater is designed to grow in deserts, it works anywhere.

Ibrahim in the Khurais desert project with 4600 fruit trees.

This is what it means for a plant to be desert-proof.

By forming LegacyRoot, we accepted the challenge of desertification. You can choose to stand with us.

For every 20 grams sold, we can help pioneer species restore 1 square meter of eroded desert.

Climate KIC startup LegacyRoot SolidWater

LegacyRoot is an EU-recognized initiative to mitigate climate change.