Greetings, Plant-lover.

More Plant For Less Water

Did you know that the average houseplant only lives about 12 weeks? If you like plants, but would like them to be healthier and greener with less effort, SolidWater™ might be for you. Tested in the deserts of Saudi-Arabia, this new polymer lets plants grow in harsh conditions. Like your home (just kidding!). Although designed for agricultural use, to raise the funds we need to bring back life to deserts, SolidWater is coming to consumers as well. You can now grow plants with science! 



Main Benefits

  • Your plants will grow healthier because of a constant water supply.
  • Your leafy friends survive twice as long without watering. 
  • SolidWater lets plants mature up to 70% faster (adult plants are much tougher).  

How it's done:
The soft, waterholding polymer crystals absorb, preserve and regulate water, oxygen and nitrogen for your plants. They directly feed the roots that grow through them. 


    Because the plant now has pockets of water that it can easily access, it will grow faster. At thesame time, SolidWater™ holds more water than even the most fertile soil, making them them much more resistant to dry conditions. This makes them ideal to transform the ground in dry areas to make them fertile again, but also means that growing healthy, green plants anywhere is incredibly easy.

    Is SolidWater™ safe?
    Yes, it is environmentally friendly.  and even tested as safe for human consumption (although it's not very tasty). 

    What it exactly?
    SolidWater™ is a polyacryllic superabsorbent polymer for agricultural purposes.
    Its main ingredients are acrylamide and potassium.

    What sets SolidWater apart from similar solutions, such as other polymers?

    While most other solutions (such as diapers) focus mainly on water retention, SolidWater™ is also designed to release liquids directly to the plants' roots. Furthermore, it regulates not just water but also nitrogen, something few other competitors can claim. As a result, SolidWater™ can achieve superior growth rates and water efficiency, especially if we manage to scale up in the future.