Experience Effortless Gardening – SolidWater

Experience Effortless Gardening

Did you know that the average houseplant only lives about 12 weeks? If you like plants, but would like them to be healthier and greener without the hassle, SolidWater can help tremendously. Although initially designed for agricultural use, our product is now available for the grower in all of us. 


Usage Tips:
- Always let your SolidWater absorb water for at least an hour before use. This way it immediately benefits your plant when you mix it in with your soil.

- It's easiest to use SolidWater when planting or repotting. Simply put some SolidWater at the bottom of your hole or pot, cover it with soil, your plant, and you're done.

- It's also possible to just push some SolidWater into the sides of your pot.

Main Benefits of SolidWater

  • Healthier plants because of constant dosage of water.
  • Up to 15% faster growth rates.  
  • Plants survive up to three times longer without watering. 

Is SolidWater™ safe?
Yes, it is even tested as safe for human consumption (although it's not very tasty). As for environmental impact, SolidWater breaks down only into components that are beneficial to plants: water, carbon dioxide, potassium and nitrates.

What sets SolidWater apart from other water-holding solutions?
While most other solutions focus mainly on water retention, SolidWater is also designed to release liquids directly to the plants' roots. Furthermore, it regulates not just water but also nitrogen. Finally, it breaks down into nutrients for plants. 

What is it exactly?
SolidWater is a potassium-based polyacryllic superabsorbent polymer for agricultural purposes. Its main ingredients are acrylamide and potassium.