Technical Details – SolidWater

Technical Details

[Technical Details]
SolidWater is a superabsorbent polymer made by polymerizing purified acryllic acid. Normally a byproduct of crude oil, the process of making it is 100% efficient, meaning zero toxicity is left. To raise the funds needed to combat desertification, SolidWater is coming to consumers as well. You can now grow plants with science! 

What sets our polymers apart from similar solutions?
While most other solutions (such as diapers) focus mainly on water retention, SolidWater™ is also designed to release liquids directly to the plants' roots. Furthermore, it regulates not just water but also nitrogen, something few other competitors can claim. As a result, SolidWater™ can achieve superior growth rates and water efficiency, especially if we manage to scale up in the future.