Tutorial – SolidWater


How to use:

  • SolidWater™ can be used as a replacement for, or in combination with regular soil.

  • For first use, let dry crystals soak 1 hour in warm water, then simply put SolidWater in the ground near the roots. 

  • Alternatively, forget about soil and use pure SolidWater- it looks awesome (indoor plants only).

  • Unless left in direct sunlight, the nuggets stay active for 5-10 years, absorbing and releasing water. For outside plants, always cover with some topsoil.

  • [Warning] SolidWater™ is very soft. Conservative usage for lawns or other areas that see lots of movement recommended.

  • [WARNING] SolidWater™ doesn't protect your plants fully against over-watering. Remember: roots need water to grow, but also need to breathe.