What does it mean to be "desert-proof"? – SolidWater

What does it mean to be "desert-proof"?

Deserts are the harshest environments for life on earth. They also represent the largest land-type on earth. The dry climates where they are found are water-deficient. More water is lost through evaporation, than is gained through rainfall.

The desert winds mercilessly grind pebbles and sand even further into dust. In the harshest deserts, only the toughest lifeforms can survive. These are the ones that have made crucial adaptations, to the intense heat and scarce rainfall of their environment.

Take a cactus. Its prickly spines are actually highly-modified leaves. They protect cacti from hungry animals, as well as from the dry, hot winds. A cactus also stores its water safely inside itself. All this keeps the precious water accessible, and safe from evaporation.

SolidWater gives these qualities to all plants. Once put in the soil, the granules absorb water, preserve it inside, and transfer the liquid to nearby roots at just the right amount. Tiny pockets of water, resistant to evaporation, but ready to access when a plant needs water.

This is why plants with SolidWater can survive with just half the water they normally need, while growing even faster than normal. What's more, they can survive up to three times longer without any watering in between.

That is what it means for a plant to be desert-proof. So if you sometimes struggle with keeping your plants watered, why not try some for yourself? Your own plants will thank you.